Who, why, what …


Okay, whaddya wanna know?

My name is Paul Grave, I’m nearly 50, married, two kids, mortgage etc., etc.

I’m a Christian, although I’m not currently attending a ‘proper’ church after a ‘tricky’ year or so – I’m involved with a bunch of similarly churchless folks and that seems to be where I’m supposed to be for now…

I have an art degree and went to Regent’s Theological College (despite not being a raving Pentecostal); this means that in the real world, I’m only qualified to paint religious pictures!

Vital, I’m sure you’d agree.

Why am I blogging? Mostly so that my wife, my sons and my friends don’t get completely fed-up with me spouting on at them, but also because I think there’s a point that everyone reaches eventually, where you can’t keep all the things you think and feel inside, and every now and then you have to express yourself and what you think.


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