On Being Done (EDIT)…

I have taken the decision to remove the original blog in order to avoid continued upset to  anyone who may feel that I was directing my thoughts at them specifically.

In response to the original post I received an email from someone who felt the blog was defamatory and directed personally; this was never my intention.

In my original post I attempted to articulate the culmination of years of feeling ‘out of step’ and dislocated from church – in general.

Again, I reiterate, it was never my intent to cause undue upset and hurt, and would take this opportunity to apologise if this was believed to be the case.

Many Thanks

Paul – Red Setter Christian



2 responses to “On Being Done (EDIT)…

    • ….and so do I and others. God Bless you Paul, for your forthright honesty, integrity, wisdom and yes, holiness. You’ll be sorely missed on Sunday mornings.

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